Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Author Roundup: Padma Venkatraman and Leslie Connor

When we last talked to Padma Venkatraman, she had just released her second book, ISLAND'S END.

Since then she’s published two more wonderful books. The first was A TIME TO DANCE, the uplifting story of a dancer struggling to recover from a debilitating accident.

Then came THE BRIDGE HOME, which I love, love, love. Apparently, others do, too, since it has won over twenty awards, including the Golden Kite and being named the middle grade Global Read-Aloud for 2019.

THE BRIDGE HOME is the heartwarming story of Viji and her developmentally disabled sister Rakku as they gather a chosen family and make a home in the dangerous streets of Chennai. You can listen to a sample. To find out more about Padma and her incredible books, visit her website Padma Venkatraman

Leslie Connor visited my blog back in 2013 to talk about CRUNCH the story of how a young boy with a bicycle repair shop copes when the nation’s gas pumps run dry. Every book she’s published since has been extraordinary.

ALL RISE FOR THE HONORABLE PERRY T. COOK follows Perry, whose mother is incarcerated. He has grown up with her in prison, but the new district attorney insists he be removed and put into foster care. Desperate to be reunited with his mom, Perry searches for the truth about her crime.

THE TRUTH AS TOLD BY MASON BUTTLE gives voice to Mason, who struggles with reading, but always tells the truth as he knows it. The bully next door torments Mason, saying he is responsible for the death of his best friend, Benny, found dead in the Buttle family orchard.  When Mason’s new friend Calvin goes missing, Mason is desperate to find him.

Both these books won multiple prestigious awards and MASON BUTTLE was a National Book Award finalist. I expect no less from Leslie’s latest book, which just came out in February. A HOME FOR GODDESSES AND DOGS tells Lydia’s story as she deals with grief after her mother’s death and adjusts to life with her quirky Aunt Brat, her wife, and a troublesome stray dog. Learn more about Leslie Connor and her books at www.leslieconnor.com

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