Monday, May 18, 2020

Author Roundup: Hazel Mitchell

Hazel Mitchell and Toby
When I interviewed Hazel Mitchell back in 2012,, she had just illustrated her first nonfiction book, Hidden New Jersey. She was hoping that project would lead to others.
Boy, did it! At this point Hazel has illustrated or written and illustrated twenty-two books. Here is just a partial list of her titles:
Oceanly, written by Lynn Parrish Sutton and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, a sweet lullaby for beach-going toddlers.

Borrowing Bunnies, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, a heartwarming book written by Newbery Honor winning author, Cynthia Lord, about her experience fostering rabbits.
Imani’s Moon, written by JaNay Brown-Wood and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, about tiny Imani and her Maasai village where the animals always have something to say and a girl can touch the moon. (Reading is Fundamental Multicultural Booklist) 

How Do Fairies Have Fun In The Sun?, Fairies 1,2,3,  and Do Fairies Bring The Spring? all part of a fun fairy series written by Liza Gardner Walsh and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell. 
Toby, written and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, about a rescue dog’s struggle to adjust to life within a family and the boy who helps ease him into his new home. (Dog Writer’s Association Children’s Book of the Year) This book was inspired by Hazel's poodle, Toby. 

Hazel’s 23rd book, The Fall Fairy Gathering, the last of her seasonal fairy series, will be coming out in July from Down East Books.

She has another book coming out in 2021 which she will write and illustrate. What is it about? That’s still a secret, but there just might be kittens…You can find out more about Hazel Mitchell and her delightful books at

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